Upcoming Events

Town Hall Debate Series: "Structure vs. Voice"

Friday, January 7th (Free)

In this debut debate our Pipeline staff will pull back the curtains and let the creative community in on our daily conversations surrounding the industry. Our opening topic will focus on one of the oldest debates still hotly discussed in screenwriting: is it all about Structure or the Voice of the writer?

Beyond the Book: Creating a Writing Career

Friday, January 19th ($40)

Stop thinking about your book and start thinking about your writing career.

Most writers don’t think beyond writing “The End,” but if you intend to be a professional author, you need to have a plan and make smart career choices to stay on the path to meet your long-term goals—from mapping your next books out, to landing the right agent, and signing with the right publisher,

Chantelle Aimée Osman will discuss a solid strategy for laying the foundations to career success.

Education for creators.

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