What is unique about Symposium?
Simply put—honesty and transparency. Just like our content on Pipeline Artists, we aim to tell people what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. Sometimes artists need a little Hard Truth™.

Who are the presenters?
When we have our free "Hard Truths" and "Debate" sessions, we typically choose Pipeline staff members to participate for two reasons: 1) they are experienced Development Executives and writers themselves, and 2) we want to rip back the curtain to share the faces behind the scenes at Pipeline. Plus, they're just fun.

For our paid sessions, or our "One-on-One" discussions, we strive to find experts on a given topic, as well as those who have a fresh take on a classic subject.

How do I register for a webinar?
Simply hover your cursor over "Sessions" in the main menu, and you'll see a dropdown of "Filmmaking," "Publishing," "Screenwriting," and "Free." Click on your choice, and you'll find a list of all the new and archived sessions (newest at the top).

I did not receive a confirmation email from Zoom. What do I do?
All Zoom tickets are associated with the email address of the Zoom account you registered.

To find your ticket, please do the following:
1. Confirmation emails come from Zoom, not from Pipeline Media Group, so please check your spam email as well as search your inbox for "Zoom" or "Zoom Events."

2. If the email is not there, log into your Zoom Events account via your browser (NOT the app)—note this is not the basic Zoom site, but the Zoom Events site. You will see a list of any "Upcoming" tickets you have for our events, including any others you might purchase from other companies.

What format do you use for webinars?
Symposium sessions, whether paid or free, are all conducted on Zoom and recorded and in webinar mode, meaning only the moderator and the presenter will be on camera. All attendees can access the chat feature and the Q&A.

Please use the chat to have sidebar discussions with other attendees, and the Q&A to ask a question directly to the presenter. Chat and Q&A are located at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

What if I cannot attend the live event?
Register in advance of the live Zoom event in order to receive a recording. But when you register, please authorize Zoom to share your email address with us, so we may send you a link to the recording as well as any handouts or resources offered by the presenter.

How long does it take to receive the recording?
Our goal is to get all recordings to you within 48 hours. The exception being if a session is held on a Friday night. Those recordings will most likely be sent out on Mondays.

*Note: If you have not received your recording within 72 hours, please email symposium@pipelineartists.com

If I missed registering in advance, may I purchase an on-demand version later?
Yes, all on-demand recordings are available within a week of the live event. You can find them under "Archive" on our "Sessions" tab.

What if I have a subject I'd like you to cover in a future Symposium?
By all means, reach out to us with your ideas and feedback! We're all ears! Just shoot us an email: symposium@pipelineartists.com

Education for creators.

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