How to Revise Your Novel (Without Wanting to Quit)

How to Revise Your Novel (Without Wanting to Quit) from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo.

Revision is a fact of life for professional writers. Being good at revision, even enjoying revision, makes a huge difference in your writing career. 

So whether you’re revising a shitty first draft or implementing an editor’s feedback, knowing how to tackle the revision process without wanting to throw the whole novel in the garbage is essential. 

Isabel Sterling breaks down the entire process, from the moment you receive notes to the day you hit send on the finished revision. Isabel also tackles the most over-looked part of revision: how to keep going when you’re sick of your story… and how to decide if it’s time to let this story go and move on.

Participants will leave the presentation knowing how to…

  • Discern what feedback serves their story
  • Prepare a revision tracking system
  • Brainstorm story solutions
  • Create a scene-by-scene revision plan
  • Implement revisions without hating the process
  • Decide whether to stick with a story or move on to something new

(And yes, there will be worksheets!)

[Recorded April 26, 2023]

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Isabel Sterling (she/they) is a master certified coach, foster mom, and author of THESE WITCHES DON’T BURN, THIS COVEN WON’T BREAK, and THE COLDEST TOUCH. An alumna of Purchase College and Syracuse University, Isabel spent a decade writing alongside her careers in higher education and LGBTQ non-profits. These days, she writes while running her coaching business, where she helps writers break-up with burnout and create confident author careers. She’s also the host of The Author Burnout Cure podcast. She lives with her family in Central New York, where the winters are frigid, the summers are too hot, and autumn is perfect.

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