Indie Filmmaking Crash Course: From Script to Distribution

Indie Filmmaking Crash Course: From Script to Distribution from on Vimeo.

A two-part series on independent filmmaking. Available individually or as a series.

Session One: Indie Filmmaking Crash Course: From Script to Screen

In this symposium, we delve into critical aspects of independent filmmaking, guiding you through the transition from script to production, engaging with investors, crafting pitch decks, managing rewrites, networking, casting, budgeting, and scouting locations.

Discover the intricacies of SAG regulations, contracts, and administrative processes, as well as the importance of physical and mental health during the filmmaking journey. Uncover the secrets of routines, habits, and creative processes that contribute to successful filmmaking endeavors.

Gain insights into the Hollywood landscape, the art of communication, and the significance of setting the right energy on set.

And explore the dynamics of relationships, crew chemistry, and handling unforeseen challenges, empowering you to navigate the unpredictable journey of indie filmmaking with confidence and finesse.

Topics Covered:

  • Transition from Script to Production
  • Crafting Pitch Decks and Engaging with Investors
  • Rewrites and Networking
  • Casting and Crew Chemistry
  • Budgeting and Scouting Locations
  • SAG, Contracts, and Administrative Processes
  • Deliverables and Physical & Mental Health
  • Routines, Habits, and Creative Process
  • Industry Insights: Hollywood and Legal Aspects
  • Communication and Setting the Right Energy on Set
  • Dynamic Relationships and Handling Challenges
  • The Art of Management and Achieving Momentum
  • Adaptability, Problem-Solving, and the Ultimate Moment of Filmmaking Success.

[Recorded March 25, 2024]

Session Two: Indie Filmmaking Crash Course: Navigating Post-Production

In Part Two, we delve into post-production essentials that can elevate your film to new heights. From the intricate art of editing and sound design to the transformative power of music and color grading, this symposium offers a comprehensive exploration of the creative elements that shape the final product.

Discover strategies for navigating film festivals, understanding distribution channels, and mastering marketing tactics to ensure your film reaches its intended audience.

Gain valuable insights into selling and self-releasing films, and learn how to seamlessly transition from one project to the next in the ever-evolving landscape of independent filmmaking.

Topics Covered:

  • The Art of Editing and Sound Design
  • Transformative Power of Music and Color Grading
  • Navigating Film Festivals and Maximizing Exposure
  • Strategies for Distribution Channels and Selling Films
  • Release Strategies and Innovative Marketing Tactics
  • Adaptability and Seamlessly Transitioning to Future Projects
  • Self-Release and Industry Insights for Aspiring Filmmakers
  • Building a Brand and Maximizing Impact through Post-Production Excellence.

[Recorded March 26, 2024]

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Joe Clarke is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter based in Las Vegas. Joe has written and directed seven feature films distributed worldwide in over 160 countries on platforms including Amazon, Netflix, VUDU, and Tubi. He has won top awards for his feature film Alta Vista, including Best Picture at the London Independent Film Awards and Best Screenplay at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival. Joe has also directed national campaigns for the Buffalo Bills, Hilton hotels, and ACT Test Prep and is the author of the critically acclaimed book The Tao of Hollywood. Currently the CEO of Backrow Studios, Joe is working on his next feature, Homeys, produced by Academy Award winner Ira Wohl.

Site | X: @joeclarkeworld @backrowstudioss IG: @backrowstudios

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