One-on-One: Path to Production with Exit 44 Entertainment

Pipeline Exec Ruth Sabin chats with producers Eric Brodeur and Ty Leisher of Exit 44 Entertainment about all things production, from script development to post-production—most importantly, what makes a story stand out as worthy of producing.

[Recorded February 20, 2023]

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Exit 44 Entertainment was co-founded by Eric Brodeur and Ty Leisher to create mind-bending action and horror stories that leave your head spinning and your heart pumping as the credits roll. Based on the Manhattan Beach Studios Lot, the company acquires, develops, packages, and produces films that push conventional genre boundaries for film and television.

With a decade of experience in feature film post-production, Eric brings a unique understanding of what it takes to create cost-effective and engaging films. Ty is an expert in bringing concept-driven films to a global market, having received critical acclaim for his directorial debut. His writing has also been recognized by prestigious organizations, including the Sundance Film Festival.

Exit 44 has strong relationships with industry-leading studios, sales agents, financiers, and distributors, making it a rising player in the production industry. Their supernatural horror film, 11th Hour Cleaning, was released in 2022 and received critical acclaim, further solidifying Exit 44's place in the industry.

Eric Brodeur has a decade of experience in feature film post-production, specializing in Picture Editing. He has worked on major studio films like The Nun, The Grudge, Ouija, Sinister 2, and Transformers: The Last Knight with budgets ranging from $4M to $200M for companies including Warner Bros., Sony, Blumhouse, Paramount, and Netflix.

Early in his career, he worked on independent films with budgets under $1M, including Sundance Film Festival winner The Sessions (starring Helen Hunt) and Filly Brown, which launched the career of Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin).

Eric's experience on lower-budget films gives him the skill to maximize existing footage and solve story problems without added cost. By combining his post-production knowledge with his writing and producing background, he has a complete understanding of what it takes to create a cost-effective and engaging film from start to finish.

Ty Leisher is a multi-talented producer, writer, and director recognized for his expertise in creating commercial, concept-driven horror and action films. With a diverse background in the film industry, including sales and acquisitions at a leading distributor, Ty brings a unique perspective and understanding of the global market to his projects.

He received critical acclaim for his feature directorial debut, 11th Hour Cleaning, establishing himself as a rising talent in the industry. His crime thriller web series, "Bullets," received high praise from Bluff Magazine, which described it as "better than Rounders." Ty's writing has also been recognized by prestigious organizations, including the Sundance Film Festival.

At Exit 44 Entertainment, he works alongside Eric Brodeur to produce the company's portfolio of action and horror films that push the boundaries of genre conventions. 

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