Self-Publishing: The Fundamentals and Beyond

Self-Publishing: The Fundamentals & Beyond from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo.

Congratulations, you wrote a book! Maybe it’s your first. Maybe you’ve been published before—traditionally or on your own. Perhaps you’ve been planning to self-publish from the start. Or you’ve been discouraged by publishers’ responses to your submissions or lack thereof.

Whatever your reasons, goals, or level of experience, you’d like to know more about self-publishing. 

At the end of the day, your book is a product. Readers, booksellers, and librarians will consciously or unconsciously compare it to those released by the Top 5 publishers when making their buy-decisions. In this presentation, you will learn how to avoid the telltale oversights that secretly undermine self-published books’ potential for success from the get-go.

Whether you want to use subcontractors or completely DIY your printed or digital book, this presentation provides a roadmap to attaining professional—yet cost-effective—results through: 

  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Cover design and interior layout
  • SEO, keywords, and other tools for discoverability
  • Writing a compelling book description
  • Getting your book in libraries
  • Choosing printers and distributors
  • Pricing your book and understanding royalties
  • Plus, detailed instructions on working with Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Q & A

[Recorded August 24, 2022]

Karen Richardson manages the Mentoris Project, a nonprofit that publishes biographical novels and biographies about inspiring historical world-changers. Through that and her work with private clients at her own company, Indie Pub Solutions, she has published over 100 paperbacks, hardcovers, e-books, and audiobooks. She is the author of Harvesting the American Dream, a novel inspired by the life of winemaker Ernest Gallo, and a forthcoming biography about Sheriff Lee Baca. 

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