Start Your Screenwriting Year with a Bang 

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It’s been a hectic few years in the entertainment industry, especially for screenwriters! Between the action against agents in 2019, Covid in 2020, and the 2023 writers strike, there’s not been a dull moment.

Now, 2024 is upon us, and a new year brings with it new opportunities. By our estimation, and the estimation of the Script Pipeline staff fulfilling the requests of industry, it's never been a better time to make a focused, dedicated push to start your screenwriting year with a bang, building momentum as the year progresses.

Lee Jessup, a seasoned career coach and a Business of Screenwriting professor with the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Art, will walk you through meaningful, actionable steps that you can take for your screenwriting career in the year ahead. 

In this focused session, we'll explore how to best strategize for the screenwriting year, with the aim of creating and building meaningful opportunities and forward motion that every writer wants to see for themselves.

The 2-hour event will include: 

  • A brief history: where are we now and how should it impact your decisions for the year ahead?
  • Assessing your body of work
  • Developing supporting materials
  • Exploring brand and your writer identity
  • Unique strategy for every pilot and/or screenplay
  • Your 2024 submission plans
  • Online pitching and query opportunities
  • Literary representation
  • Seeking producers

[Recorded January 9, 2024]

Lee Jessup is a career coach for screenwriters, specializing in guiding emerging and professional scribes toward long-standing and prolific screenwriting careers in both TV and feature writing. Additionally, she has provided consulting services to NBC International, the Universal Writers Program, the Final Draft Big Break Contest and Inevitable Foundation, and is an adjunct professor with the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts. Her one-on-one coaching clients include everyone from showrunners and studio writers to contest winners, TV writing fellows as well as writers just starting out. She is the author of the best selling books Breaking In: Tales From the Screenwriting Trenches and Getting It Write: An Insider's Guide to a Screenwriting Career

Site | X: @leejessup

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