The Ultimate Pitch Toolkit: Get Prepped for Agents, Managers & Producers

The Ultimate Pitch Toolkit: Get Prepped for Managers, Agents & Producers from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo.

You’ve got your manuscript or screenplay at the ready (or almost ready), but you’re trying to nail down the perfect pitch. Whether it’s verbal or written, crafting all of your pitch materials can seem like a daunting task—especially if you’re unsure on how to properly market you and your story.

Abigail Bloom and Laura Huie are here to help you assemble the Ultimate Pitch Toolkit, including everything you need to get prepped for agents, managers, or producers. Put your best foot forward and impress industry experts with stand-out marketing materials.

By the end of this session, you’ll learn how to craft and present your materials like a pro, so you can be ready for anything or anyone. You’ll also get the behind-the-scenes scoop from two women who thrive in marketing and have worked as editors and for lit agents.

The Ultimate Pitch Toolkit session covers how to:

  • Craft your ideal logline
  • Write a comprehensive treatment
  • Develop your 1-2 page pitch
  • Put together a stunning show bible
  • Pitch your projects verbally
  • Query like a professional
  • And more!

[Recorded October 26, 2022]

Abigail Bloom and Laura Huie are screenwriting partners with an extensive background in both the marketing and publishing industries. With their combined knowledge and experience, they offer a holistic perspective of how writing, editing, and marketing come together to drive success. When they are not screenwriting or helping writers build their badass brands, they enjoy playing with their two cats Guillermo and Giusseppe.

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