Town Hall: Insights Into the Post-Strike Film & TV Industry

Join screenwriting career coach, Lee Jessup, and Bellevue's literary manager, Jeff Portnoy, for a discussion about the post-strike state of the screenwriting industry to better prepare yourself for breaking into the new landscape of Hollywood.

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[Recorded November 5, 2023]

Lee Jessup: @LeeZJessup
Jeff Portnoy: @jeff_portnoy

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"The Secret to Finding a Screenwriting Mentor" by Jeanne V Bowerman

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As discussed by Jeff and Lee, loglines are critical in getting a manager's attention.
Watch for our Logline Workshop with Merridith Allen, which we run quarterly!

Lee Jessup is a career coach for screenwriters, specializing in guiding emerging and professional scribes toward long-standing and prolific screenwriting careers in both TV and feature writing. Additionally, she has provided consulting services to NBC International, the Universal Writers Program, the Final Draft Big Break Contest and Inevitable Foundation, and is an adjunct professor with the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts. Her one-on-one coaching clients include everyone from showrunners and studio writers to contest winners, TV writing fellows as well as writers just starting out. She is the author of the best selling books Breaking In: Tales From the Screenwriting Trenches and Getting It Write: An Insider's Guide to a Screenwriting Career

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Literary manager Jeff Portnoy has been working at Bellevue Productions in Los Angeles for the past 8 years, representing writers and filmmakers working in both Features and Episodic. Before that, he worked at Creative Artists Agency as a story analyst, The Gotham Group as an executive assistant, and Resolution talent agency as the Head of their Story Department and agent trainee. Jeff has a Bachelor of Fine Artist degree in Film and Video Production from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA and attended UCLA Extension’s Writing for Film and Television program. A former aspiring writer himself, Jeff has extensive experience with – and a genuine love for – developing screen and teleplays with writers and then helping those writers sell their materials, find writing jobs and secure agency representation. Along with his colleague John Zaozirny, Jeff was featured in Variety magazine as a “New Leader” in 2018.

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