Hiring a Book Editor: How to Maximize the Collaboration

Hiring a Book Editor: How to Maximize the Collaboration from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo.

Whether you plan to self-publish or go the traditional route, it’s more common than ever for authors to hire their own editors before publishing their books. And no wonder—you want your book to stand out as professional, compelling, and consistent, and an editor’s ability to approach your story elements, writing style, and grammar from an outsider’s perspective is an indispensable tool in making that happen. 

But it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into so that you can ensure that the time, effort, and money you dedicate to your book is worth it. Editor Karen Krumpak will prepare you for getting the most out of working with an independent editor to prepare your book.

This presentation will cover: 

  • The different stages of editing in practice so you can decide which is right for you.
  • How to benefit from your editor’s advice—whether you agree with it or not.
  • How to evaluate work styles and personalities to choose your editor and develop a positive working relationship.
  • The differences (and similarities) between working with independent and in-house editors.
  • Why you should hire an editor … instead of just asking a writer or reader friend for their opinions.
  • When you shouldn’t hire an editor (and can save some money in the process).
  • An overview of finding potential editors, payment, and other administrative tasks that come along with the process.

[Recorded January 24, 2023]

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Karen Krumpak (she/her) has over a decade of experience helping writers create their best work. A former editor with Writer’s Digest magazine and WD books, she now provides editorial services to publishers and independent authors of fiction, nonfiction, and select poetry through her company, Future Perfect Editing. Her goal is to support writers’ publishing goals and help them make the stories they commit to the page as close to the perfect versions in their minds as possible. When not reading for work, reading for fun, or listening to podcasts about writing and storytelling, Karen loves spending time with animals and baking bread.

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