Directing for Writers: A Crash Course

Whether you're looking to direct your first short, hone your already-existing directing skills, or want to dive deeper into a director's mind to understand how to craft your script in a more collaborative way, Kevin Morales will shed light on the intricacies behind the skillset of film directing.

The Ins and Outs of Being a Script Supervisor

There are many ways to work in the industry and learn what makes a good script besides being a screenwriter. Along with a sharp attention to detail and a love of reading scripts, aspiring Script Supervisors need excellent organizational and communication skills to manage coverage, consistency, and continuity.

Finding Success in the Current Film & TV Industry Climate

Screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup we will discuss all that you need to know about our ever-shifting landscape, and explore how to build the sort of successful screenwriting career that you are seeking.

Logline Workshop

You may have been banging your head against the wall trying to construct a great logline, but you’re frustrated you can’t quite hit the mark. Cool! Bring the loglines you love and the loglines you hate. You’ll leave with the tools you need to whip them into shape.

Building a Kick-Ass Deck for Both Pitching and Inspiration

Maya Zivkovich will walk you through the importance of a pitch deck and break down the different components needed to truly stand out from the rest. No design experience necessary—you’ll get plenty of her best tips and tricks from her many years and expertise as a graphic artist.  

Producing a Narrative Podcast

Producing a Narrative Podcast from on Vimeo. Producing a narrative podcast series can feel a lot like producing a film. There’s the script writing, casting, production, editing, and scoring, plus the confusing world of distribution and grassroots marketing. The key difference: a narrative podcast relies heavily on imagination and visual storytelling. Jessica Hobbs produced […]

The Perfect Ten: How to Grab the Reader

A killer first ten pages that’ll make an executive want to keep reading your script boils down to a few key elements. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what those elements are, we’ll cite great examples from exemplary screenplays, and we’ll do some exercises together that will help you develop the perfect ten for your script.

Indie Filmmaking Crash Course: From Script to Distribution

An intensive two-part crash course on indie filmmaking that takes you on a comprehensive journey from script to distribution.

Town Hall: Unraveling the World of Comics and Graphic Novels

If you've ever wondered about the comic industry, or considered how to adapt your screenplay into a graphic novel, we've brought together writing team Jimmy Palmiotti and Craig Weeden to answer your questions.

One-on-One with Die Hard Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson has spent decades writing for the film industry. You might have heard of Die Hard 2, Hostage, and the OG Bad Boys. He's that Doug. But he's also a novelist, bourbon aficionado, and producer ... and a hell of a lot of fun. Pipeline exec Jeanne Veillette Bowerman sits down with Doug to chat about all things writing, and also asks Doug your questions, live, in our Q&A.

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