How to Use Generative A.I. as a Powerful Writing Tool

With advice guided by several WGA writers, learn how to use A.I. to augment and streamline your writing process.

How to Use Generative A.I. as a Powerful Writing Tool from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo.

*Note: For clarification, this is not a session on how to use A.I. to replace the writer, but instead, a conversation on practical uses of A.I. to elevate and enhance your writing process. A.I. is a hot topic, especially in the arts. Please know we’re coming at this from a place of educating writers not replacing them. We invited Eric Day to lead this discussion, because he has not only worked in the field of artificial intelligence, but he also is a writer and utilizes the tool in his own work. However, the biggest reason we’re stepping into this controversial arena is to give you a chance to ask questions, which isn’t possible when you read an article or watch a YT video. As you watch, you’ll see there are indeed shortcomings to this technology, but there are also tools you might find useful.

Our goal is simple: To alleviate some fears and empower you with knowledge.

A story to tell, a screenplay to write, but the blank page feels like an insurmountable challenge. You've heard about the potential of ChatGPT and other generative A.I. used in the creative process, but the thought of integrating this technology into your creative space feels overwhelming and maybe a little (to put it lightly ...) objectionable.

Although A.I. should never replace the writer, there are incredible possibilities in harnessing its power in your storytelling, research and writing process.

Join Eric Day and delve into the world of generative A.I. and its application in content, story development, and brainstorming. He'll explore how A.I. can be used to inspire you, help build compelling backstories, generate innovative ideas, and even create visual content to inspire your creative process.

By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with knowledge and suggested tools to integrate A.I. to some degree in your world-building. You'll gain insights from an industry professional who has successfully used A.I. in their creative workflows and receive practical resources to help you kickstart your A.I.-enhanced storytelling journey.

This event will cover:

  • Understanding generative A.I. and its potential in storytelling
  • Techniques for using A.I. in screenwriting and story development
  • Real-world examples of A.I. in action: from idea generation to visual content creation
  • Interactive brainstorming sessions using A.I. tools
  • Q&A to address your queries and concerns for the future of A.I. in film and television
  • Take-home resources to help you start your A.I. storytelling journey.

[Recorded July 11, 2023]

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Eric Day is an Emmy Award-winning innovator, creative director, PGA producer, and writer who blends cutting-edge tech with compelling content. Despite having a BFA in Film Directing and a love for the three-act screenplay, he moved into virtual reality and other immersive storytelling formats while he led content innovation teams at Verizon's RYOT and Meta's Creative Shop Labs with work featured at Cannes, Tribeca, and SxSW. He's worked with brands and IP including Star Wars, Disney, The United Nations, NFL, Universal, Sony, and Epic. In the last few years, he has been exploring generative A.I. co-created content.

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