How to Create a Profitable Author Life You Love

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Join indie book publisher, publishing entrepreneur, publishing consultant, and author coach Sharon Woodhouse for a webinar that could change your entire experience of being an author. Learn how to transform your perspective from one of uncertainty, anxiety, and disappointment into one of enjoyment, personal and professional expansion, and earning income.

Implement the habits, mindsets, and approaches she's seen and helped hundreds of authors use to improve your book, expertise, author status, and other areas of your non-writing life as well.

  • Build a sustainable side income from your book/s, author status, and expertise that can last 3-10+ years
  • Increase book sales, exposure for yourself and your book, and your author reputation in a way that’s comfortable for you while meeting other life goals along the way
  • Identify your strengths, interests, other priorities, and larger life goals
  • Discover ways of marketing and selling your book that can be fun and easy
  • Customize a rewarding author life

[Recorded February 15, 2023]

Sharon Woodhouse is an indie book publisher, publishing entrepreneur, publishing consultant, author, author manager, and author coach, owner of Everything Goes Media and Conspire Creative. She is particularly known for:

  • bringing excellence, creativity, integrity, and an attitude of service to the work she undertakes
  • activation and results—getting things started and getting things done
  • aligning work with the big picture—organizational and personal commitments, visions, and values—while attending to details and incremental steps
  • warm, generous listening and genuine, enthusiastic advocacy of good ideas, brave choices, and others’ abilities, dreams, and quirks

She has taken an entrepreneurial approach to just about everything since first becoming self-employed as a teenager over three decades ago. She has directly counseled and coached hundreds of authors, creatives, publishers, small business owners, and solo professionals, in various aspects of setting up shop, running small creative enterprises, publishing, and promotion, emphasizing options, customized approaches, strategic planning, inexpensive and creative marketing, win-win partnerships, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sharon’s businesses, and the authors and books she has published, have been featured in hundreds of local, national, and international media outlets, including A&E, the BBC, Business Week, the Chicago Tribune, CNN, Crain’s Chicago Business, FOX, the History Channel, NPR, the National Geographic Channel, the New York Times, the Travel Channel, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Woodhouse is a certified coach and mediator, and a longtime advocate of entrepreneurship, vibrant urban neighborhoods, old movie palaces, public transportation, free speech, science, and civilized civic behavior. Her most cherished win was co-leading a community effort to save the historic Davis Theater in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Education for creators.

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