One-on-One Comics Conversation with Bryce McLellan

In our One-on-One series, Pipeline Executive Spike Scarberry chats with writer Bryce McLellan on how he went from Pipeline Pitch Contest winner, to developing a pilot with us, to creating the graphic novel Verge with Red5.

[Recorded March 15, 2023]

You may also listen to this episode on our Symposium Podcast, available on your favorite podcast site.

Bryce McLellan is a Writer, Director and Journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He's the creator of the comic Verge, published by Red5. He also directs Documentaries with a human rights and environmental focus, including Seed, which received national TV broadcast, and Jesus in Congo which was acquired by the United Nations. He's currently shooting a Sci-fi feature film called Earthbound.

Verge Comic

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