Town Hall Debate Series: "Structure vs. Voice"

In this debut debate, our Pipeline staff will pull back the curtains and let the creative community in on our daily conversations surrounding the industry. Our opening topic focuses on one of the oldest debates still hotly discussed in screenwriting: is it all about Structure or the "Voice" of a writer?

Script Pipeline Development Execs Spike Scarberry and Karin Partin Wells will take opposite sides, debating the merits of their stance. A winner shall not be declared until first blood (symbolically) is drawn …

[Recorded January 7, 2022]

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Karin Partin Wells is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and development exec at Script Pipeline who enjoys endlessly talking about writing and helping writers. Her expertise is structure because it’s something that can be solved within the art of storytelling. Karin’s produced writing includes the horror feature Epitaph and a comedy web series The Creature: Deleted Scenes. Karin won best comedy at HBO’s Catalyst Festival, has three upcoming features and a TV series in development. Karin’s writing most often finds itself in a party setting and her web series I Party drops in summer 2021.

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Spike Scarberry is your typical modern male who likes NFL Football, UFC fights, scented candles, Broadway musicals, and ballroom dancing. He fell in love with cinema at the age of six and spent almost a decade working behind the scenes in the movie industry. After spending time at an agency, production company, and TV network, he left the politics of Hollywood behind to focus on his passion: helping young scribes tell more dynamic stories. He founded Gatekeeper Storytelling in 2019 and works as a teacher to writers of all ages, types (novel, screen, etc), and experience levels.


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