Submitting to Literary Journals

Writer and professor Faye Rapoport DesPres discusses ways to decide which literary journals might be right for your work, and the submission process, step-by-step.

Empathetic Point of View

Kevin Morales dives into how Silence of the Lambs offers five empathetic points of view, but in very careful and deliberate ways. A symptom of bad movies and mediocre scripts is a lack of point of view or careless use of it.

Agents are People, Too: Query Letter Essentials

Zoe Quinton, who once worked as a literary agent, will help you navigate the landscape of writing queries and also critique your query letter.

Revise Like a Boss: A Guide for Giving and Receiving Stellar Feedback and Notes

Whether you’re new to script writing or working on your hundredth script, you need great feedback and notes in order to make a solid plan for the revision process. As a workshop leader and script consultant who has worked with hundreds of writers over the last ten years, this is a topic that is very near and dear to Merridith Allen's heart.

Workshop: Build and Customize an Author Business Model

Build and Customize an Author Business Model from Pipeline Artists - Symposium on Vimeo. In her 30 years experimenting with all aspects of book publishing, indie book publisher, publishing entrepreneur, publishing consultant, and author coach Sharon Woodhouse has seen and helped authors develop and use various income sources to create ongoing, sustainable income for themselves. […]

Hard Truths: Straight Talk About Handling Feedback

Whether a writer is up-and-coming or a pro, they need to know when to ask for feedback and how to handle receiving notes in order to elevate their stories and improve their craft. Join our panel discussion with Pipeline Execs Michael Owens and Matt Misetich, joined by Doug Richardson (Die Hard 2, Bad Boys, Hostage), and screenwriter Merridith Allen for a live Q&A.

Same Circus, Different Clowns: Book Marketing for Indie and Traditional Publishing

Whether you are a self-published author or a traditionally published author, you need to learn how to market your book. After all, you didn't write it only to have it sit in a box. You want people to find it ... and love it!

How to Enrich and Speed Up Your Storytelling Process Through Research

Research might sound like something that’ll slow down your storytelling process. We’re here to tell you the opposite is true. If you go about research the right way, your stories will be more solid and you’ll get them down much faster. You’ll also find that doing research is a lot of fun!

How to Use Generative A.I. as a Powerful Writing Tool

Join Eric Day and delve into the world of generative A.I. and its application in content, story development, and brainstorming. He'll explore how A.I. can be used to inspire you, help you build compelling backstories, generate innovative ideas, and even create visual content to inspire your creative process.

Town Hall: An Intro to KidLit with the SCBWI

If you are dabbling in KidLit, SCBWI Co-Regional Advisors Lisa Lowe Stauffer and Melissa Miles want you to know about SCBWI and will answer all your KidLit questions.

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